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The Doodle Factory

The Story of TDF
The Doodle Factory was set up in 2009 in Pune, India to infuse the local market with original art and thoughtful products that would represent our heritage, our culture and our aspirations. We live in a visual world and yet we have few avenues that cater to the demand of visual representation. Everywhere you look you see the dire need for a good artist's hand to bring excitement and an aesthetic integrity to our products, our prints and other objects of contemporary living
At the Doodle Factory we endeavour to provide this magic brush and contribute to the creation of original art, formal & casual calligraphy and versatile illustration. We celebrate the process of making illustrations by hand and yet have adequately integrated ourselves in the modern world so as to supply our ware to a digital world. At The Doodle Factory we make art for the world to become a better place!

Our Classes & Workshops

Creative Art Classes for Adults
In the decade since we have offered classes in Art and Calligraphy we have received an overwhelming response from hundreds of young kids and adults alike. Many of our young students are now practicing artists and designers.
Through the easy and practical lessons that we have designed at TDF you can practice Art every day. The instructions are simplified enough to suit the needs of the beginner, and detailed enough to enhance the skill of the intermediate student. The variety of subjects and mediums we explore during our class will keep your interest constantly engaged. Within the first few classes you will start developing a keener sense of observation and a more potent awareness of the world around you. Here is what you will learn:


The Doodle Factory can be your one-stop-shop for all things Illustration. In a predominantly digital world we offer you a slice of the old world charm with our hand-painted watercolor art.
We can create customized art for your products, your spaces or even your events. All our art can be digitized so that it can be further processed conveniently.
If you would like to make something of your own, we conduct educational workshops for schools, insightful workshops designed for corporates, and fun activities for social groups and family events. Have an Art Party with us or an Art Retreat for your employees.
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